WEBINAR: Exploiting ‘Big Data’ in Healthcare: New Problem Solving Approaches Using Unstructured Data

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Webinar summary:

healthcare-technology-200x200As healthcare catches up to other industries in its ability to analyze and make use of ‘Big Data,’ we are continually learning about approaches that are working in other markets and how these could be applied in healthcare. One aspect which distinguishes our industry is the large amount of unstructured, “messy” but clinically important narrative data that is recorded. As we move rapidly to value-based re-imbursement and shared risk, the clinical status and outcomes that drive revenue for providers and characterize important patient subgroups within populations become even more important data points.

Typically, this clinically-complex data is contained within physician notes, referrals, discharge summaries and many more routinely produced documents. Interrogation of unstructured data in healthcare is not new, but it is usually manually processed―an error-prone, costly and time-consuming practice. Technology-enabled approaches that allow these unstructured data sources to be leveraged and incorporated into a wider big data strategy will be vital to the success of the new care and re-imbursement models. Automating the interrogation of unstructured healthcare data brings efficiency, speed and scalability―critical qualities of a ‘big data’ strategy in any industry.

During this webinar you’ll hear thought leaders from Clinithink explain how this ability to exploit ‘big data’ in healthcare is opening the door to new problem solving approaches using unstructured data.


Dr. Chris Tackaberry
Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer


Russell L. Anderson

Russ Anderson
Vice President for Clinical Solutions



Key take-aways:

  • Discover how unstructured data is being used both inside and outside of healthcare to solve business problems.
  • Learn why using this data is critical to surviving and growing in the rapidly changing world of healthcare payment reform, ACOs, population health, predictive modeling and clinical trials.
  • Hear about technology and skill considerations to keep in mind when tackling, taming and exploiting the unstructured data jungle.

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