PenRad partners with Clinithink to optimize ICD-10 coding compliance at the point of dictation

Clinithink’s technology to streamline efficiency of PenRad Mammography Information Systems radiology reporting

Atlanta, Ga. (September 16, 2014) – PenRad Technologies Inc., the market leader in Mammography Information Systems (MIS) today announced its partnership with Clinithink to refine the process of clinical documentation for radiologists in real-time. PenRad is embedding Clinithink’s CLiX CNLP (Clinical Natural Language Processing) platform into its MIS solution to increase productivity, accuracy and efficiency of the mammography reporting workflow for its existing install base.

“Following an in-depth evaluation, we found Clinithink to be the most clinically rich, easily integrated platform available on the market today,” commented Greg Gustafson, President and CEO of PenRad Technologies. “Adding Clinithink’s CLiX CNLP to PenRad’s rules engine for its MIS solution will enable our radiologists to receive instant feedback for optimum ICD-10 coding as they dictate their reports, saving valuable time and improving the accuracy of the data.”

PenRad will debut this combined technology platform to the broader radiology market in 2015. With a series of updates to its existing solutions to support both narrative and structured data and through integration with acute and ambulatory electronic medical record (EMR) vendors, this new generation of software will make the ICD-10 transition seamless, while positively impacting clinicians’ workflow and improving quality of care.

“We are excited to be working closely with a radiology powerhouse like PenRad,” said Dr. Chris Tackaberry, Clinithink CEO. “Our partnership highlights the pressing need to leverage unstructured healthcare data to address business challenges including revenue optimization, workflow management and standards of care. We are delighted that PenRad has identified the benefits that can be offered to its customers in these areas by integrating our CLiX CNLP platform.”

About Clinithink

With operations in the US and UK, Clinithink is the healthcare industry’s preferred clinical natural language processing (CNLP) provider, enabling innovative discoveries through the interrogation of unstructured data. The CLiX CNLP platform transforms clinical narrative into rich structured data for healthcare providers and solution vendors. CLiX ENRICH, powered by CLiX CNLP to support analytics, converts unstructured clinical data into actionable data required to help solve today’s toughest healthcare business problems. Through ease of integration, consumption and localization―Clinithink offers a smarter approach.

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About PenRad Technologies, Inc.

Founded in 1995, PenRad’s suite of innovative software products enhances professional productivity and workflow, quality and revenue in radiology and cardiology image and information management.

PenRad’s portfolio of software products includes information systems for women’s imaging and the vascular lab; providing fast, reliable, secure tracking, reporting and management of critical patient data. Additional software products include PenView™ diagnostic reading station and Compass™ for breast MRI analysis. PenRad also offers integrations with various cancer risk analysis algorithms, breast density software, CAD and BMD analysis.

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