Our CLiX technology lies at the heart of our fast, scalable and easy to use platforms for building innovative solutions which extract value from unstructured narrative.


CLiX ENRICH is an intelligent, market-leading data query platform that gives health care and life sciences organizations the ability to extract value from unstructured data. Having recognized unstructured narrative as a rich source of information, CLiX ENRICH makes accessing this untapped resource possible to support analytics and decision making. Powered by CNLP, CLiX ENRICH is revolutionizing the speed and accuracy at which existing data is used to solve some of the toughest challenges in Health care and Life Sciences, such as:

CLiX ENRICH for Clinical Trials

CLiX ENRICH for Clinical Trials has been proven to dramatically reduce the time and investment currently required to find and enrol patients into clinical trials. By quickly and efficiently processing existing unstructured patient data, sites are able to identify eligible subjects against trial-specific inclusion and exclusion criteria in a fraction of the time it takes to review patient data manually. Using CLiX ENRICH for Clinical Trials to automate the search for suitable patients gives trial sponsors, managers, PIs and sites the ability to meet trial timelines within budget.

  • Healthcare Analytics

    New payment models and increasing demands on patient safety and operational efficiency are changing how players in the healthcare ecosystem deliver care. Analytics play a vital role in reaching the next clinical frontier, in which reactive treatment of disease is replaced with proactive prevention, monitoring and management of chronic conditions. Clinithink turns unstructured narrative into a valuable, consumable data stream for analytics.

  • Population Health & Accountable Care

    As reimbursement models evolve to a value-based rather than a volume-based structure, the importance of identifying high risk patient groups likely to develop complications of chronic disease has increased dramatically. Particularly in the case of US governmental and commercial Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), where the healthcare risk for enrollees is shared or completely assumed by the ACO, health managers can improve the risk profile of their enrolled populations, reduce cost and increase revenue by using granular, rich clinical narrative accessed with Clinithink’s solutions.


    Current shifts in US regulations consolidate reporting programs and encourage provider participation in alternative fee-for-value, shared saving payment models through increased physician payments. Expansion, transparency and sharing of data for performance analysis requires access not only to claims data, but also to other types of data―both structured and unstructured. Clinithink helps maximize the value of this data for payers to provide more complete and meaningful insights when evaluating the performance of service providers and suppliers on quality, efficiency, effectiveness and resource use.

Through ease of integration, consumption and optimization―Clinithink offers a smarter approach for Clinical Data Insights.


Clinithink’s CLiX CNLP was developed to enable interoperable access to and meaningful use of the volumes of existing unstructured, untapped clinical text. Constituting approximately 90% of all patient information, this data is locked inside electronic medical record (EMR) systems, electronic health records (EHRs), documents, free text fields, discharge summaries, clinical notes and other communication between care providers. CLiX CNLP is the perfect choice for your server-based or cloud-based healthcare application in order to realize these distinct advantages:

  • Simple integration into legacy and new-build applications
  • Deployment to separate physical hardware from the accessing applications using Web Services
  • Easy accessibility to a single instance by any number of applications
  • Interoperability between data sources and data formats
  • Unparalleled performance, flexibility and limitless scaling
Clinithink turns your unstructured data into one of your most important assets.