• Harness unstructured data to drive value across the healthcare continuum

    CLiX CNLP Sell Sheet

    For healthcare IT vendors and their customers, harnessing unstructured clinical data opens the door to solving some of healthcare’s most challenging business problems today. Built to extract meaningful, computable information from unstructured healthcare narrative, CLiX CNLP is the premier Clinical Natural Language Processing engine available.

  • Increase the potency of analytics solutions using unstructured data

    CLiX ENRICH Sell Sheet

    Specifically designed for data abstraction and analytics solutions, CLiX ENRICH is able to seamlessly extract and encode unstructured data, filter for specific clinical conditions and format for use with structured data to complete a full aggregate view for analytics. Comprised of three core and two optional modules, CLiX ENRICH offers the flexibility, control and capacity to utilize and interrogate unstructured clinical data for the purpose of seeking answers to an array of complex healthcare questions in a variety of business contexts.