Command Health Chooses CLiX for Clinical NLP

Atlanta, US 28 February  2013 – Command Health, an industry leader in medical documentation, will  leverage Clinithink’s CLiX solution as part of its software suite that enables its customers to improve the integrity and utility of the clinical data exchange between their Providers and their EMR technology.

Command Health has been supplying the healthcare industry with software solutions to improve healthcare documentation for over 12 years with the goal of making the data entry process for Physicians more efficient and increasing the clinical value of the output produced.

Clinithink is a forerunner in the field of Clinical Natural Language Processing (CNLP). Their CLiX technology intelligently structures the clinical narrative created by physicians and stored as free text in medical records making it possible to index, map and tag this data into structured narrative notes. By integrating CLiX, healthcare solution vendors have the ability to offer their clients new insights using the data they already produce and give end users the opportunity to leverage this information at the point of care to improve patient outcomes.

Command Health CEO, Bard Betz, said “Our solutions leverage the latest innovations in Natural Language Processing to deliver practical benefits for our customers. We are excited that Clinithink’s technology is proving to add significantly enhanced functionality to the core work we do in improving physician’s productivity while lowering their frustration with point-and-click solutions. Clinithink helps us ensure their clinical documentation is more complete and accurate—as it is being created—so clinical documentation improvement (CDI) becomes a real-time process that makes the physician’s life easier and not more complicated.”

Clinithink CEO, Dr Chris Tackaberry said, “We are pleased to partner with Command Health to enhance their current offering and positively impact the documentation process for clinicians working at the point of care. It is evidence of the power of CLiX that we have been selected above similar offerings in the market to form an integral part of this leading medical documentation solution and we look forward to working together.”

About Command Health:

Founded in 2000, MD-IT is the nation’s leading provider of medical documentation software and service to physician practices and ambulatory groups. By developing dictation-based solutions that preserve the primary role of medical documentation, MD-IT empowers physicians to use narrative notes in any clinical environment where electronic medical records are part of the workflow. For more information visit: