CLiX Uncovers the Real Value in Clinical Narrative

09 June 2011, Modesto, CA – A paper released by the Clinical Documentation Industry Association (CDIA) and the Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity (AHDI) reveals that clinical narrative is both the most widely used and the preferred method for capturing patient data. Clinical narrative is also the most effective way for physicians to capture the complexity and detail of information-rich patient stories.

Currently, the US healthcare industry produces 1.2 billion clinical records each year of which 60% are narrative notes captured via dictation or entered as free text.

The value of the information in patient stories is often compromised and/or lost because of input restrictions placed on the user by the forms and templates in existing Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems.

By avoiding the need to interfere with the dynamic flow of the patient consultation, physicians’ natural narrative style of data capture can be protected, whilst at the same time the meaning in the narrative can be exposed in a structured way using CLiX. In this way the source data can be “re-purposed” to support ICD coding and clinical analytics without burdening the physician at the point of care with additional data entry

CLiX is a new, cloud-hosted SaaS coding engine for SNOMED CT and ICD 9/10 coding and billing systems s. CLiX integrates with existing EMR systems and indexes unstructured or free-text clinical narrative recorded by physicians, returning context-sensitive clinical codes in XML format. This allows for comprehensive and meaningful analysis of data that would otherwise be inaccessible.

CLiX revolutionary technology also adds direct clinical value for users and patients alike. In a scenario where a physician is recording a clinical encounter, the real-time coding of the narrative can be used to trigger advanced clinical decision support and access to context-specific knowledge

By supporting best practice for capturing clinical narrative in a non-intrusive and seamless manner, CLiX also offers a practical and immediate solution for payers and providers which supports the aims of the Meaningful Use regulations to improve overall patient care, reduce costs and streamline the
medical delivery process.