CLiX Online Update Makes CNLP a Snip

April 29, 2013 – After reviewing user feedback, we’re pleased to announce that we’ve made it even easier for you to structure and encode your unstructured data to SNOMED using the power of Clinical Natural Language Processing.

So what’s new?

You can now cut and paste clinical narrative into the ‘Unstructured Text Input Window’ and cut and paste the structured output from the SNOMED and XML view. Giving you a quick and easy way to create encoded data and get data you can work with back out again.

Designed for use at the point of care and to enrich the data available for clinical analytics, CLiX is the first technology of its kind to be made openly available to the healthcare industry for users to see for themselves how NLP can be harnessed to index and structure clinical narrative.

Imagine being able to try an NLP solution before committing to it? Now you can!

  • Upload a sample of your own data to test the accuracy of CLiX.
  • Watch how CLiX structures and encodes data in real time.
  • Experience how CLiX handles misspellings, different derivations of words, time, laterality and a host of other concepts that are all common in physician narrative.
  • Get a view of your data encoded to SNOMED CT – the world’s most comprehensive clinical terminology.