Embed the power of CLiX into your solutions using CLiX PRO

Most patient data in medical systems is stored as narrative text in the form of lab reports, surgical notes, patient letters and more. Until now this data has been largely inaccessible. Clinithink’s CLiX software turns that free text into rich, encoded data.

Clinithink’s innovative system delivers unrivaled benefits across the clinical data spectrum. Providers of healthcare, developers of healthcare software and clinical trials organizations can all use CLiX to unlock masses of valuable patient information.

Previously inaccessible narrative text can be mined for critical clinical data – medications, allergies, diagnostic status, family and social contexts and much more.

The ‘engine’ at the heart of CLiX uses Clinical Natural Language Processing (CNLP) to turn descriptive text into useful, structured data. CLiX CNLP is designed to integrate easily into your existing products. CNLP is accessed through a clean web service layer, so your developers can add CLiX to your own solutions with a minimum of effort. Through our comprehensive API, your own systems can now benefit from the power of CLiX technology.

Clinithink’s ENRICH solution offers a comprehensive package of tools based on the CNLP engine.  ENRICH allows you to import and encode your own text documents, interrogate the encoded data and store the results. Data is automatically encoded to SNOMED CT.

Using CLiX makes it possible for you to:

  • Turn free text into structured, encoded data
  • Preserve the context and meaning from the narrative
  • Enable the transfer of structured data between providers within health information exchanges (HIEs)

Please contact us if you need access to your login credentials for CLiX PRO or any assistance with CLiX PRO.