Clinithink’s new software version further enhances its capabilities to find eligible patients for clinical trials

London, 07 December 2016 –  Clinithink has announced the latest  release of their Clinical Natural Language Processing (CNLP) solution, CLiX ENRICH 6.1, providing healthcare and life sciences organizations with enhanced capability to process and transform clinical narrative into actionable structured data which can be used to find patients matching clinical trial protocol criteria.

Within clinical trials, the value of narrative data has been recognized as a primary resource for finding and recruiting eligible patients but it is still largely inaccessible due to its lack of structure. Clinithink’s CLiX ENRICH solution negates the need for time consuming manual review of patient charts and provides a flexible, scalable platform to process large volumes of narrative data before returning rich, structured information to query using clinical trial inclusion and exclusion criteria.

The new version of CLiX ENRICH boasts enhanced features and capabilities all of which culminate to allow many different clinical trials and data analytics projects to be supported simultaneously from a single CLiX ENRICH environment. For Clinithink clients conducting several clinical trials simultaneously, CLiX ENRICH 6.1 can process all narrative data once and return customized output against each individual clinical trial protocol. Other important improvements in this release include:

  • Enhanced user experience – workflow tool can be used across the enterprise
  • Increased security and privacy capabilities
  • Improved processing speed and error handling
  • Scalability simplified with smaller infrastructure footprint
  • One click install
  • Built in options for document ingestion

For the purposes of patient recruitment, sites can produce ranked lists of eligible patients to enroll against specific inclusion and exclusion criteria. This ‘ENRICHed List’ has been proven to dramatically reduce the time and investment currently required to identify and enroll patients for a variety of disease and medical device trials.  When commenting on the release of CLiX ENRICH 6.1, Clinithink VP Solutions, Paul Ellis said: “The release of CLiX ENRICH 6.1 further enhances Clinithink’s support for healthcare and life sciences organizations that are looking for a highly flexible, customizable and scalable platform for extracting maximum value from unstructured clinical narrative in pursuit of improved efficiency in meeting their target recruitment goals.”

CLiX ENRICH Release 6.1 was recently released to customers. Interested parties who want to see how Clinithink’s CNLP solution extracts rich data from unstructured narrative are invited to register at or get in touch on .