Clinithink to Showcase CLiX ENRICH at DIA 2017

Automate and Accelerate Patient Recruitment with Clinithink at DIA 2017

Visit booth 2448 at this years’ DIA Annual Meeting from June 18-22 in Chicago, IL and find out more about how Clinithink is creating a paradigm shift in patient enrollment for clinical trials. 

Clinithink is exhibiting at DIA, the largest, longest-running event in the life sciences industry, to demonstrate how searching clinical narrative data in patient records markedly accelerates the rate at which patients are identified and enrolled into clinical trials.

The exhibiting team invites DIA attendees from across the life sciences industry to visit booth 2448 to find out more about how Clinithink’s market-leading Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology is creating a paradigm shift in patient enrollment using existing, available, real-world data. Clinithink’s CLiX ENRICH solution largely automates the pre-screening process, drastically reducing the time and cost of this critical part of the clinical trial process. Using the solution, investigators at Mount Sinai and elsewhere have demonstrated a 10-fold increase in pre-screening yield and enrollment rate. CLiX ENRICH is effective for both common and rare disease clinical trials.

On attending DIA 2017, Clinithink CEO, Dr Chris Tackaberry, said, “We are excited to be part of the most anticipated life sciences event of the year and demonstrate how using CLiX ENRICH is transforming the clinical trials landscape by accelerating patient enrollment, and offering data-driven insights into feasibility.”

Now in its 53rd year, this years’ theme is: ‘Driving Insights to Action’ and will host 7,000 global healthcare professionals in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device communities expected to attend from more than 51 countries. More information about DIA 2017 can be found here.

Visit us at Booth 2448 and get the answers to your patient enrollment challenges! 


Clinithink Named as a Top AI Company

Health Data Management, a news website dedicated to delivering insightful analysis of technology trends, tools and strategies shaping healthcare’s future, has named Clinithink as one of the leading AI companies in healthcare.

The two part article aims to highlight how the use of deep learning, machine learning and other AI approaches in healthcare is rapidly increasing. To demonstrate this, Health Data Management has published a list of leading e-health companies bringing a variety of approaches to the use of AI in the industry.

In the article Health Data Management states that:

“Clinithink’s intelligent data query platform gives healthcare and life sciences organizations the ability to extract value from unstructured data. Having recognized unstructured narrative as a rich source of information, CLiX ENRICH makes accessing this untapped resource possible to support analytics and decision making. Another platform, CLiX CNLP, was developed to enable interoperable access to and meaningful use of the volumes of existing unstructured, untapped clinical text typically locked inside electronic medical record systems and other clinical systems.”

On being named by Health Data Management, CEO of Clinithink, Dr Chris Tackaberry, said: “We are delighted to be recognized for our contribution to healthcare transformation and look forward to helping many more organizations make use of valuable, existing unstructured health data to drive insights, improvements and data-driven healthcare.”

The full article can be found here.

About Clinithink

Clinithink is the healthcare industry’s preferred text analytics provider, enabling innovative discoveries through the interrogation of unstructured data. CLiX ENRICH for Clinical Trials automates the process of reviewing narrative written by clinicians, as well as various documents and reports. This is achieved by designing CLiX Queries, within an intuitive user interface, which match study inclusion and exclusion criteria. The CLiX natural language processing (NLP) engine allows it to “read” and encode millions of documents against these queries, thus producing an ENRICHed List of highly eligible and priority patients who match the study criteria.

For more information, visit or contact us at

Mount Sinai presents on a paradigm shift in patient recruitment at SCOPE 2017

Clinithink is hosting a luncheon presentation at SCOPE 2017 whereby Dr Steve Coca of Mount Sinai will present findings on using CLiX ENRICH for Clinical Trials to dramatically accelerate patient recruitment.

New York, NY, 13 December 2016Clinithink, a market leading clinical trial patient recruitment solution provider, together with partners at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai will demonstrate a marked improvement in the speed and quality of patient recruitment.  Using Clinithink’s Clinical Natural Language Processing (CNLP) technology to securely and accurately process unstructured patient data, investigative sites, like Mount Sinai, can now find 10X more patients matching clinical trial protocols in ¼  of the time it takes using current methods.

Revolutionizing what is a largely manual review process, Dr. Steve Coca, Associate Professor of Medicine, Nephrology at Mount Sinai, will share two unique case studies in a presentation entitled, ‘A Breakthrough in Technology Enabled Clinical Trials Recruitment,’ on Day 2 of the SCOPE 2017 Summit.

The 8th annual Summit for Clinical Ops Executives (SCOPE) will be held on January 24-26, 2017 in Miami, Florida. Renowned for providing valuable insight to members of the research community, SCOPE organizers are expecting 1,150 industry professionals and key thought leaders from over 500 organizations to gather and address critical issues facing the industry.

Effective, timely patient recruitment and enrollment are well-known barriers to drug development but by automating the search for eligible patients using existing unstructured data Clinithink’s CLiX ENRICH for Clinical Trials is setting a new precedent in finding patients that meet inclusion and exclusion criteria quickly and seamlessly.

Delegates to the Summit are invited to join Clinithink’s luncheon presentation on Wednesday the 25th of January at 12:10pm within the Patient Recruitment track in the ‘Recruitment in Resource-Constrained Environment: Traditional tactics, Analytics, Engagement’ session or contact to find out more.

Clinithink’s new software version further enhances its capabilities to find eligible patients for clinical trials

London, 07 December 2016 –  Clinithink has announced the latest  release of their Clinical Natural Language Processing (CNLP) solution, CLiX ENRICH 6.1, providing healthcare and life sciences organizations with enhanced capability to process and transform clinical narrative into actionable structured data which can be used to find patients matching clinical trial protocol criteria.

Within clinical trials, the value of narrative data has been recognized as a primary resource for finding and recruiting eligible patients but it is still largely inaccessible due to its lack of structure. Clinithink’s CLiX ENRICH solution negates the need for time consuming manual review of patient charts and provides a flexible, scalable platform to process large volumes of narrative data before returning rich, structured information to query using clinical trial inclusion and exclusion criteria.

The new version of CLiX ENRICH boasts enhanced features and capabilities all of which culminate to allow many different clinical trials and data analytics projects to be supported simultaneously from a single CLiX ENRICH environment. For Clinithink clients conducting several clinical trials simultaneously, CLiX ENRICH 6.1 can process all narrative data once and return customized output against each individual clinical trial protocol. Other important improvements in this release include:

  • Enhanced user experience – workflow tool can be used across the enterprise
  • Increased security and privacy capabilities
  • Improved processing speed and error handling
  • Scalability simplified with smaller infrastructure footprint
  • One click install
  • Built in options for document ingestion

For the purposes of patient recruitment, sites can produce ranked lists of eligible patients to enroll against specific inclusion and exclusion criteria. This ‘ENRICHed List’ has been proven to dramatically reduce the time and investment currently required to identify and enroll patients for a variety of disease and medical device trials.  When commenting on the release of CLiX ENRICH 6.1, Clinithink VP Solutions, Paul Ellis said: “The release of CLiX ENRICH 6.1 further enhances Clinithink’s support for healthcare and life sciences organizations that are looking for a highly flexible, customizable and scalable platform for extracting maximum value from unstructured clinical narrative in pursuit of improved efficiency in meeting their target recruitment goals.”

CLiX ENRICH Release 6.1 was recently released to customers. Interested parties who want to see how Clinithink’s CNLP solution extracts rich data from unstructured narrative are invited to register at or get in touch on .

Clinithink Partners with Mount Sinai Health System to Transform Clinical Trials Recruitment

Clinithink Partners with Mount Sinai Health System to Transform Clinical Trials Recruitment

Mount Sinai Health System selects leading innovator in clinical trials natural language processing to enhance clinical trials operations

New York, NY (June 21, 2016) – Following a successful evaluation of Clinithink, Ltd.’s CLiX ENRICH for Clinical Trials solution at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai (ISMMS), Mount Sinai has signed an agreement with the company to deploy the solution across the organization to accelerate patient recruitment for clinical trials, as well as to support its personalized medicine initiatives.

CLiX ENRICH will help to streamline the patient pre-screening process at Mount Sinai by processing large volumes of progress notes and reports from electronic health records and flagging patients whose clinical documentation indicates they closely match a trial’s inclusion/exclusion criteria. The result is an ENRICHed List, a prioritized shortlist of highly eligible patients. This will allow investigators to be much quicker in selecting patients to approach for consent and screening. The solution removes the need for extensive manual chart reviews almost entirely, releasing valuable time traditionally spent by site investigators and coordinators on this laborious task.

A multidisciplinary team of investigators from The Samuel F. Bronfman Department of Medicine, The Charles Bronfman Institute of Personalized Medicine and the Division of Nephrology at The Mount Sinai Hospital, recently worked with an expert Clinithink team to apply CLiX ENRICH to an ongoing diabetic nephropathy trial and evaluate the results.

“Using CLiX ENRICH, we did in a week what would have previously taken four months, so this could represent a paradigm shift in the way clinical trials are carried out for both common as well as rare diseases,” said Girish N. Nadkarni, MD, Clinical Instructor of Medicine/Nephrology at Mount Sinai and lead investigator for the CLiX ENRICH evaluation.

Steven Coca, DO, Associate Professor of Medicine at Mount Sinai and executive sponsor of the evaluation added, “This technology allows us to speed up patient recruitment and find many more qualified candidates early in the process, allowing for shorter, more efficient trials and saving precious investigator and study coordinator time.”

In a second case study, the evaluation team retrospectively applied CLiX ENRICH to a trial in a rare kidney disorder. The team found that CLiX ENRICH would have increased trial enrollment by 250 percent and eligible patients were found in a fraction of the time.

“This technology is a game changer in the way we will find quality candidates for our clinical trials and will allow us to significantly increase the number of patients to whom we can offer participation in a clinical trial,” said Dennis S. Charney, MD, Anne and Joel Ehrenkranz Dean of the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai.  “This initiative is perfectly aligned with Mount Sinai’s vision and mission to drive innovation in healthcare to benefit our patients.”

“Clinical trial recruitment is becoming more and more difficult,” said Dr. Chris Tackaberry, MB, CEO of Clinithink.  “We believe that our CLiX ENRICH solution addresses this problem in a highly innovative and very significant way. We are delighted to be collaborating with Mount Sinai to demonstrate this and show that clinical narrative data, a currently untapped asset, can be successfully exploited with our technology in ways not previously possible.”

DISCOVER CLiX ENRICH for Clinical Trials


Prospective Trial in Patient Group with Diabetic Nephropathy


Retrospective Trial in Patient Group with Rare Kidney Disease

About the Mount Sinai Health System

The Mount Sinai Health System is an integrated health system committed to providing distinguished care, conducting transformative research, and advancing biomedical education. Structured around seven hospital campuses and a single medical school, the Health System has an extensive ambulatory network and a range of inpatient and outpatient services—from community-based facilities to tertiary and quaternary care.

The System includes approximately 6,100 primary and specialty care physicians; 12 joint-venture ambulatory surgery centers; more than 140 ambulatory practices throughout the five boroughs of New York City, Westchester, Long Island, and Florida; and 31 affiliated community health centers. Physicians are affiliated with the renowned Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, which is ranked among the highest in the nation in National Institutes of Health funding per investigator. The Mount Sinai Hospital is ranked as one of the nation’s top 10 hospitals in Geriatrics, Cardiology/Heart Surgery, and Gastroenterology, and is in the top 25 in five other specialties in the 2015-2016 “Best Hospitals” issue of U.S. News & World Report. Mount Sinai’s Kravis Children’s Hospital also is ranked in seven out of ten pediatric specialties by U.S. News & World Report. The New York Eye and Ear Infirmary of Mount Sinai is ranked 11th nationally for Ophthalmology, while Mount Sinai Beth Israel is ranked regionally.

For more information, visit or find Mount Sinai on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

About Clinithink

Clinithink is the healthcare industry’s preferred text analytics provider, enabling innovative discoveries through the interrogation of unstructured data. CLiX ENRICH for Clinical Trials automates the process of reviewing narrative written by clinicians, as well as various documents and reports. This is achieved by designing CLiX Queries, within an intuitive user interface, which match study inclusion and exclusion criteria. The CLiX natural language processing (NLP) engine allows it to “read” and encode millions of documents against these queries, thus producing an ENRICHed List of highly eligible and priority patients who match the study criteria.

For more information, visit or contact us at

A Breakthrough in Clinical Trials Recruitment to be Presented at Clinical Trial Innovation Summit

Steven Coca, MD will be presenting at the Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s annual Clinical Trial Innovation Summit (9-10 May 2016), illustrating the effectiveness of CLiX ENRICH in improving the speed and efficiency of the patient recruitment process.

Dr. Coca will be referencing the results of two studies, one a retroactive analysis of a clinical trial for a rare disease and the other a live trial for diabetes with nephrology complications, to show how CLiX ENRICH can identify a larger cohort of high quality patients in a fraction of the time.

Pharma Tech Outlook Selects Clinithink for Top 10 Clinical Data Management Solution Providers

Fremont, CA—January 6, 2016—Pharma Tech Outlook ( has chosen Clinithink, ( for its Top 10 Clinical Data Management Solution Providers 2015. The positioning is based on evaluation of Clinithink’s capabilities in extracting clinical information from unstructured narrative to accelerate the patient identification in the recruitment stage of clinical trials.

The annual list of companies is selected by a panel of experts and members of Pharma Tech Outlook’s editorial board to recognize and promote technology entrepreneurship. “Clinithink has been making great strides in the Clinical Data Management arena. Their extensive experience and innovative solutions make them a frontrunner in this arena and we are happy to showcase them this year,” said Stacey Smith, Editor-in-Chief, Pharma Tech Outlook. “Clinithink’s solutions continue to break new ground, benefiting life sciences companies around the globe. We are excited to feature them in our Clinical Data Management edition this year.”

“Clinithink is honored to be recognized by Pharma Tech Outlook’s panel of experts and thought leaders,” said Clinithink CEO, Dr Chris Tackaberry.  “Manual chart review to identify and recruit patients is expensive and time consuming but we’re offering a way to automate the review process that can significantly save time and money while enrolling patients against complex clinical inclusion and exclusion criteria.”

About Clinithink

With operations in the US and UK, Clinithink enables innovative discoveries for pharmaceutical companies, contract research organizations and providers delivering clinical trials through the interrogation of unstructured clinical narrative. By converting narrative into rich structured data, Clinithink’s technology enables analytics to help solve today’s toughest healthcare business problems. Through ease of integration, consumption and localization―Clinithink offers a smarter approach.

For more information, visit or contact us at

About Pharma Tech Outlook

Pharma Tech Outlook is a vast portal for professionals to access information regarding the trends, opinions, and relevant discussions pertaining to challenges faced by the pharma landscape.

The edition constantly endeavors to identify “The Best” in a variety of areas important to logistics arena. Through nominations and consultations with industry leaders, our editors choose the best in different domains. Clinical Data Management is a listing of Top 10 Clinical Data Management Solution Providers in the U.S.

PenRad Demonstrates Power of Clinithink’s CLiX CNLP within vNext Solution for Radiology at RSNA

Clinithink’s CLiX CNLP embedded for increased CDI precision in real time and clinical care guidelines

Atlanta, Ga. (December 1, 2014) – Clinithink’s CLiX CNLP (Clinical Natural Language Processing) platform, embedded in the next generation vNext Solution with PenRad Technologies, the icon in radiology for Mammography Reporting and Information Systems (MIS), will be demonstrated at the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) 2014 Annual Meeting in Booth 3100. By automating ICD-10-CM coding at the point of service in real-time and providing intelligent refinement prompts, CLiX CNLP enables increased accuracy in Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI). Within PenRad’s vNext Solution, CLiX CNLP will also present evidence-based Appropriate Use Criteria (AUC) guidelines for diagnostic imaging, mandated to start in the U.S. January 2017. Read more

Clinithink to showcase CNLP solution at EHI Live 2014

Clinithink will be exhibiting at EHI Live 2014 on 4th and 5th November to discuss and demonstrate the clinical, efficiency and financial benefits of transforming clinical narrative into rich structured data.

Based on stand A36 in NEC Hall 1, Birmingham, the Clinithink team will be available to explain how their CLiX CNLP (clinical natural language processing) solutioncan support clinicians with difficult-to-access, valuable patient data from their unstructured narrative. By unlocking unstructured clinical data from reports, discharge summaries, letters and notes in EPRs, Clinithink can arm healthcare professionals with actionable, structured patient information for more effective, faster clinical decisions at the point of care. Read more

PenRad partners with Clinithink to optimize ICD-10 coding compliance at the point of dictation

Clinithink’s technology to streamline efficiency of PenRad Mammography Information Systems radiology reporting

Atlanta, Ga. (September 16, 2014) – PenRad Technologies Inc., the market leader in Mammography Information Systems (MIS) today announced its partnership with Clinithink to refine the process of clinical documentation for radiologists in real-time. PenRad is embedding Clinithink’s CLiX CNLP (Clinical Natural Language Processing) platform into its MIS solution to increase productivity, accuracy and efficiency of the mammography reporting workflow for its existing install base. Read more

Clinithink debuts CLiX ENRICH platform, raises capital from existing investors to fuel growth

New data abstraction capabilities designed to enable clinical analysis

June 30, 2014 – London, UK  – Clinithink, an industry leading provider of technology to manage unstructured healthcare data, today announced its new data abstraction platform, CLiX ENRICH, and a further multi-million dollar equity finance deal with its existing institutional investors: New York based Vanguard Atlantic Ltd. and UK-based Finance Wales.

There is evidence of significant traction for solutions in the healthcare analytics space that deal with unstructured data. A wide variety of healthcare companies are recognizing that considerable value lies within narrative clinical data, a previously untapped asset. Read more

Farr Institute at Swansea University deploys CLiX to improve clinical analytics for population health

Centre for Improvement in Population Health through E-records Research (CIPHER) accesses unstructured data with Clinithink’s Clinical Natural Language Processing (CNLP) CLiX technology for easy and rapid deployment.

London, UK. (May 29, 2014) – Named after William Farr, a pioneer of the science of epidemiology, the Farr Institute’s Centre for Improvement in Population Health through E-records Research (CIPHER) group at Swansea University has deployed Clinithink’s CLiX technology as part of a novel “Appliance” solution to support the analysis of e-health record information linked to other routinely collected clinical data. Read more

Mount Sinai’s Charles Bronfman Institute for Personalized Medicine uses CLiX for CNLP to support clinical decisions

May 8th, 2014, Atlanta, Ga. – The Charles Bronfman Institute for Personalized Medicine (IPM) at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai has deployed Clinithink’s CLiX technology to support the practice and development of personalized medicine. CLiX forms part of a solution that enables patients at Mount Sinai to receive more targeted, personalized care in real-time based on their own DNA.

IPM has worked with Clinithink to integrate CLiX into the technology platform that underpins the Clinical Implementation of Personalized Medicine through Electronic Health Records and Genomics (CLIPMERGE) Program at Mount Sinai. CLiX provides Clinical Natural Language Processing (CNLP) to support real-time “electronic phenotyping” being pioneered at IPM by identifying potentially relevant clinical attributes from rich narrative data stored within Mount Sinai’s Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and passing them to the CLIPMERGE decision support engine. Read more

Clinithink Launches First Online Healthcare Solutions to Access and Activate Untapped Clinical Data

March 19, 2014 – Clinithink, the world-leader in Clinical Natural Language Processing (CNLP) technology, launched its suite of CLiX ONLINE Solutions to translate unstructured clinical narrative. CLiX NOTES, CLiX PLUS and CLiX PRO—built on Clinithink’s unique CNLP technology platform—are the world’s first interactive, online solutions to structure and encode unstructured clinical narrative for the healthcare industry. Read more

Clinithink Honored with Mediwales 2013 Innovation Judges’ Award

11 December 2013, Bridgend, UK – Clinithink, a world-leader in clinical natural language processing (CNLP) technology, today announced that it received the 2013 MediWales Innovation Judges’ Award.

The Judges’ Award recognizes the development of innovative technology and outstanding contribution to the Life Science Sector. Clinithink received this award for the significant success they have achieved in the US healthcare marketplace with their innovative CLiX technology. Read more

Bringing Healthcare Data to Light

Alpharetta, GA March 18, 2013- Clinithink releases an online version of their clinical natural language processing technology, CLiX.

Clinithink has announced the release of an online version of CLiX, their clinical natural language processing (CNLP) engine. CLiX intelligently structures clinical narrative created by physicians and stored as free text in medical records; thereby making it possible to index, map and tag this data into a structured format to result in actionable information.

CLiX Online is the first technology of its kind to be made available to the healthcare industry as an interactive service to structure and encode unstructured clinical narrative. The service will initially be offered as a free trial before moving to a subscription service in mid-2013. Read more

Peter Neupert Joins the Board at Clinithink

London, UK, 01 March 2013 – Peter Neupert , former Corporate Vice President of Microsoft Health Solutions Group and co-founder of MSNBC, has joined the Board at Clinithink, a healthcare technology company operating in the US and UK. Neupert’s appointment to the Board will take effect in February 2013.

Currently an Operating Partner at Health Evolution Partners, a leading investment firm in the healthcare sector, Neupert’s extensive career as a world-class health technology innovator began when he founded in 1998. As one of the first to recognize the potential of B2C e-commerce platforms, went on to become a top online retail store and information site for health and wellness under Neupert’s leadership. Read more

Command Health Chooses CLiX for Clinical NLP

Atlanta, US 28 February  2013 – Command Health, an industry leader in medical documentation, will  leverage Clinithink’s CLiX solution as part of its software suite that enables its customers to improve the integrity and utility of the clinical data exchange between their Providers and their EMR technology.

Command Health has been supplying the healthcare industry with software solutions to improve healthcare documentation for over 12 years with the goal of making the data entry process for Physicians more efficient and increasing the clinical value of the output produced. Read more

ICA Selects Health Language to Strengthen Analytics and Reporting across Patient Populations

DENVER, CO (February 14, 2013) — Wolters Kluwer Health, a leading global provider of information for healthcare professionals and students, announced today that ICA has selected Health Language® to support its health information exchange (HIE) platform. Health Language medical terminology management software and services will enable ICA, a leading provider of interoperability technology that enables care management and HIE, to create longitudinal patient records and enhance reporting and analytics across entire populations.

ICA’s interoperability platform connects providers across the continuum of care through a series of modules that support clinical communications and information exchange. The company is preparing to launch an informatics module, CareAlign Insight, which houses a central data repository. Health Language helps support this initiative by providing a dual-engine that, in collaboration with Clinithink, transforms both free text and disparate data into standardized terminologies. Read more

Welsh First Minister Opens Clinithink’s Development Center

23 NOVEMBER 2012, BRIDGEND, WALES – Rt. Hon Carwyn Jones AM, First Minister of Wales, opens Clinithink’s global R&D center in Bridgend, emphasizing the Welsh government’s commitment to stimulating economic growth by attracting leading companies in the technology sector to Wales.

Clinithink is a specialist technology supplier that produces innovative IT solutions for the healthcare market. The company has developed a state-of-the-art, cloud-based text processing capability that can be used to support data analytics, coding and decision-support in healthcare applications. This in turn helps providers of healthcare to improve care whilst at the same time operate more efficiently. Read more

Clinithink Closes Investment Deal and Opens Doors for Healthcare

26 July 2012, UK – Spurred on by policy reforms in the US, investment in health IT continues to surge in 2012 [external content no longer available] as more and more healthcare providers continue to implement technology to improve patient care and reduce the cost of delivering medical services. Demonstrating the trend to invest in high-value health IT solutions is Clinithink, a UK-based healthcare software company which has successfully concluded a Series A funding round led by Vanguard Atlantic, a US-based equity firm focused on technology.

After securing an initial multi-million dollar investment during the 1st tranche of the company’s Series A funding round in March 2012, Clinithink secured additional multi-million dollar investments from Finance Wales, one of the UK’s largest regional SME investment companies, and existing investors to complete the round. The investment in Clinithink will fund ongoing development of the company’s technology, establish the company’s US operation, as well as its UK-based R&D function. Read more

Healthcare IT Startup with Big Answers to Big Data

April, 2012 – While US and European governments actively seek to reduce healthcare costs and improve outcomes, one UK-based startup is poised to answer the million dollar data analytics question: how can we make meaningful use of data if we don’t know what it means?

Clinithink has developed an innovative cloud-based data analytics technology specifically for healthcare applications. Clinithink’s patent-pending Clinical Language Indexing software (CLiX) uses Natural Language Processing and propriety algorithms to construct fully-coded output from physicians’ notes using industry data standards (ICD-9, ICD-10, and SNOMED CT). Read more

HLI and Clinithink Showcase Language Processing Tool at HIMSS

DENVER – February 16, 2012 – Health Language, Inc. (HLI), the global leader in medical terminology management, today announced a proof-of-concept collaboration project with Clinithink, Ltd, a natural language processing specialist organization.

The dual-engine tool identifies critical patient data found in provider notes and maps the free-text to standardized code sets, allowing physicians to maintain their standards of practice while accurately integrating patient data into healthcare systems. The solution will be showcased at HLI booth 466 during exhibit hours at HIMSS 2012. Read more

Acusis and Clinithink Collaborate to Enrich Clinical Documentation

29 September 2011, Pittsburgh, PA, USA and London, UK – Acusis, LLC and Clinithink Ltd. have agreed to collaborate with the initial goal of enhancing the clinical documentation process in ambulatory and acute care settings through the integration of Clinithink’s new and transformative technology into the market-leading Acusis solution: AcuSuite®.

The collaboration serves to create an integrated solution which identifies and analyzes trends in rich narrative clinical data to enable improved outcomes.This endeavor is in line with both companies shared vision to support healthcare organizations in their quest to improve care decisions through knowledge derived from data. Read more

Alameda County Medical Center to Integrate CLiX into their EMR systems

25 August 2011, California – Alameda County Medical Center and Clinithink have signed a three-year contract to use Clinithink’s cloud-based CLiX technology to support coding and patient care processes.

Alameda County Medical Center (ACMC) is a model, comprehensive and integrated public health system of hospitals and clinics that offer both primary medical and specialty care to the residents of the East Bay region of the San Francisco Bay area. With six campuses located throughout Alameda County, it has a $550 million annual operating budget with 2,800 employees. Read more

CLiX Uncovers the Real Value in Clinical Narrative

09 June 2011, Modesto, CA – A paper released by the Clinical Documentation Industry Association (CDIA) and the Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity (AHDI) reveals that clinical narrative is both the most widely used and the preferred method for capturing patient data. Clinical narrative is also the most effective way for physicians to capture the complexity and detail of information-rich patient stories.

Currently, the US healthcare industry produces 1.2 billion clinical records each year of which 60% are narrative notes captured via dictation or entered as free text.

The value of the information in patient stories is often compromised and/or lost because of input restrictions placed on the user by the forms and templates in existing Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems. Read more

Alameda County Medical Center Chooses CLiX Technology

12 May 2011, San Francisco, CA – Clinithink and Alameda County Medical Center (ACMC) have signed a MOU to begin collaboration focused on improving patient care and service efficiency by integrating Clinithink’s CLiX technology into their existing EHR system.

ACMC is recognised as a leading integrated-healthcare network of hospitals and clinics available to the greater Alameda County population. ACMC serves the public at six locations and offers a full range of services to over 360 000 uninsured and medically needy residents. Partnering with Clinithink is a component of ACMC’s vision to develop clinical programs centered on patient-orientated care as well as improving innovation and efficiency to respond to the healthcare needs of the community. Read more

Plain Healthcare and Clinithink Collaborate to Enhance Clinical Decision Support

03 May 2011, London, UK – Plain Healthcare and Clinithink have announced a partnership aimed at improving decision support and transmission of clinical information during assessments carried out in primary and urgent care settings.

Clinithink is a new venture that provides innovative, middleware solutions for existing EMR systems to transform the way healthcare professionals and providers’ index, map and analyze their clinical data. Read more

Introducing Clinithink

Clinithink provides innovative solutions that enable healthcare professionals and providers to index, map and analyze their clinical data in conjunction with existing EHR technologies. Using Clinithink’s technologies improves decision support at the point-of-care and enhances healthcare payers and providers ability to get even more knowledge from the data they already hold by unlocking the meaning in previously-inaccessible, unstructured clinical narrative. Read more