Bringing Healthcare Data to Light

Alpharetta, GA March 18, 2013- Clinithink releases an online version of their clinical natural language processing technology, CLiX.

Clinithink has announced the release of an online version of CLiX, their clinical natural language processing (CNLP) engine. CLiX intelligently structures clinical narrative created by physicians and stored as free text in medical records; thereby making it possible to index, map and tag this data into a structured format to result in actionable information.

CLiX Online is the first technology of its kind to be made available to the healthcare industry as an interactive service to structure and encode unstructured clinical narrative. The service will initially be offered as a free trial before moving to a subscription service in mid-2013.

Users of CLiX Online simply follow a short self-registration process to access CLiX via their web browser. Once registered, users are able to upload a sample of their own data to see how CLiX performs and to get a firsthand understanding of how CLiX deals with common barriers to structuring clinical narrative such as misspellings, symptoms, laterality and negation to name a few. By using the trial version of CLiX Online, the healthcare industry has the opportunity to harness their clinical data and see the benefits of real-time clinical text encoding, as well as obtaining a view of SNOMED CT and XML output.

Vice President of Sales at Clinithink, Robert Miller said, “Our aim has been to give the healthcare sector the tools necessary to understand and maximize the value of their data. Clinithink has made great strides in positioning itself as the leading NLP partner for a number of organizations in the US whose core business is the provision of medical documentation software and services. Making CLiX available online gives us the opportunity to demonstrate the enormous value that NLP can add to a much wider audience.”

Designed to be used in conjunction with existing medical software at the point of care, CLiX gives end users the opportunity to leverage data to realize true clinical decision support and care coordination to ultimately improve patient outcomes. In addition, healthcare solution vendors have the ability to offer their clients new business and clinical insights using the data they already produce.

“Embedding CLiX into their solutions enables our partners to deliver additional value to their healthcare customers by unlocking the meaning in unstructured free text data. The launch of CLiX Online will make it even easier for partners and end user organizations to realize that value,” said Miller.

About Clinithink:

With operations in the US and UK, Clinithink is the healthcare industry’s preferred clinical natural language processing (CNLP) provider. Clinithink’s CLiX technology enables healthcare providers and solution vendors to extract knowledge from the clinical data trapped in the free text of discharge summaries, clinical notes, and other documents. Using patent-pending algorithms and CNLP to add structure to unstructured clinical data, Clinithink’s CLiX technology enables the indexing, mapping and analyzing of clinical narrative to output rich structured data encoded to medical ontologies such as SNOMED CT, ICD-9, ICD-10 and RxNorm. For more information please provide us with your contact information.