Clinithink receives RARE Champion of Hope award for their ‘notable efforts’ in rare disease

Clinithink has been selected to receive the RARE Champion of Hope – Collaborations in Science and Technology award at the 7th Annual RARE Patient Advocacy Summit on October 4th in Irvine, California.   Over 200 individuals and organizations worldwide were nominated by their peers for a RARE Champion of Hope award for their notable efforts […]

Patient Recruitment & Technology: Silver Bullet or Good as Gold?

More research stakeholders are incorporating technology in some form to their patient recruitment strategies to help teams meet accrual targets. And while automating this largely manual process has made a positive impact, it hasn’t solved the long standing problem of falling significantly short of meeting recruitment targets. In a survey published by Applied Clinical Trials […]

Waiver of HIPAA Authorization: Meeting IRB Requirements

Protecting the patients who participate in clinical trials is a legal requirement and a top priority for owners of e-health databases. Health systems, academic medical centers and other healthcare providers are looking for ways to make compliance with HIPAA and the Common Rule easier, while at the same time harnessing the e-health information in their […]

CNLP Technology: Build or Buy?

Long gone are the days when IT departments consisted of few staff members whose role was a mystery to most and spent most of their time answering the expected why-doesn’t-it-work? questions from colleagues. These days, IT is integrated into almost every process in just about every kind of organization. IT departments are now sophisticated, made […]

Negating Lasagna’s Law

You know what it’s like. You take on a clinical trial convinced that you have enough of the right patients to meet recruitment targets. But you haven’t gotten very far down the funnel when you realize that you may have greatly overestimated the cohort of patients that meet trial criteria. Its common practice for those […]

3 Technologies Changing Clinical Trials – Notes from SCOPE 2017

Most of us have experienced firsthand how technologies like Mobile, Big Data, Cloud and Social have transformed Finance, Retail and Manufacturing. But the impact of these and associated technologies on Healthcare has been more like an evolution than a revolution while stakeholders figure out how to leverage tech to solve complex challenges and derive tangible […]

Maintaining patient data security and privacy at Mount Sinai with CLiX ENRICH [Video]

Maintaining the security and privacy of patient information is paramount to conducting clinical research and often times a prohibitive factor to deploying third party solutions. Forerunners in the use of automation to find eligible patients to enroll in clinical trials highlight the advantage of using CLiX ENRICH for Clinical Trials whereby they can process clinical […]