Acusis and Clinithink Collaborate to Enrich Clinical Documentation

29 September 2011, Pittsburgh, PA, USA and London, UK – Acusis, LLC and Clinithink Ltd. have agreed to collaborate with the initial goal of enhancing the clinical documentation process in ambulatory and acute care settings through the integration of Clinithink’s new and transformative technology into the market-leading Acusis solution: AcuSuite®.

The collaboration serves to create an integrated solution which identifies and analyzes trends in rich narrative clinical data to enable improved outcomes.This endeavor is in line with both companies shared vision to support healthcare organizations in their quest to improve care decisions through knowledge derived from data.

Acusis and Clinithink are working on various proof-of-concept demonstrations to show the strength of utilizing the CLiX clinical indexing engine as part of the AcuSuite® product suite. Working with key industry and customer stakeholders, the companies are prioritizing the core needs of those provider organizations seeking to extract greater value from unstructured data. Once established in a pilot deployment, Acusis then plans to roll out the integrated solution across its portfolio and customer base.

CLiX from Clinithink is a new service which allows currently unstructured clinical data to be structured using advanced natural language processing. The structured output is then mapped to different medical terminologies including ICD 9, ICD10, and Snomed CT, and analyzed using industry-standard business intelligence tools.

AcuSuite is a suite of clinical documentation products designed to support and improve a physician’s documentation workflow through a variety of dictation capture, transcription and document management solutions. The integration of the CLiX engine into the AcuSuite® platform will enable the analysis of narrative data captured through dictation methods that include standard telephone, mobile platforms, and speech recognition.

CEO of Acusis, Ray Dyer, said: “We are excited about the opportunity to work with Clinithink and their revolutionary technology to harness our rich set of data to aid in healthcare decision making,based on analytics combined with workflow improvements.”

CEO of Clinithink, Chris Tackaberry MD, said: “We are extremely pleased that Acusis have seen value for their customers in integrating our technology. We strongly believe that the integrated offering points to a future of healthcare where the crucial granularity and intricacies of patients’ stories are no longer lost by form-driven EMR models.”