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CLiX ONLINE Solutions

Clinithink now offers three online-accessible products using CLiX—our innovative Clinical Natural Language Processing (CNLP) platform.

Access INSTANTclinical narrative insight online

Structure clinical narrative in real-time simply with CLiX NOTES.

Register for an account now and see how easy it is to use. Watch as CLiX processes unstructured narrative and outputs familiar clinical concepts in real time. Transform clinical narrative into actionable and useful data.

Run AUTOMATED batch processing of unstructured clinical data

Process large batches of unstructured clinical data quickly and easily with the CLiX PLUS downloadable application.

CLiX PLUS is a straight-forward application that makes processing unstructured bulk data possible. Simply download and install CLiX PLUS on your computer and access the files you need. Gain valuable insights into processes, trends and outcomes with the rich output Clinithink’s CLiX technology produces.

Build INTEGRATEDsolutions with the online API portal

Fast, seamless integration of CLiX technology directly into
your software.

CLiX PRO is a ‘REST’ API environment designed for developers to integrate Clinithink’s CLiX CNLP and terminology services without having to write a line of code. Easy to use, CLiX technology will improve the quality of clinical data through API driven functions at the point-of-care or behind the scenes.

Which version of CLiX ONLINE is right for you?

For healthcare providers, coding staff, clinical researchers and care quality managers:

  1. CLiX NOTES – online free user interface for instant access to structured clinical narrative
  2. CLiX PLUS – downloadable application for batch processing
  3. CLiX PRO – API interface for developers to embed CLiX into your software

Once you experience the powerful transformation of unstructured data that’s been previously unattainable you’ll want more. You can easily shift from one CLiX Solution to the next.

Using CLiX has never been easier. Get started now!


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